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Operation Euphrates Shield To Continue Until YPG Retreats.

Daily Sabah: Quoting PM Yildirim
The operation led by Turkey to liberate Syria's Jarablus from Daesh terrorists will continue until elements of the PKK's Syrian affiliate YPG retreats to the east bank of Euphrates, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said on Wednesday.
Speaking at a live interview on Habertürk TV shortly after meeting U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Yıldırım said that it is necessary to cleanse Jarablus of terrorist PKK-affiliated groups including the PYD and YPG.
"This was a pledge, a guarantee of the U.S." Yıldırım said.
US Promise to Turkey mentioned here: ***Turkey: US to Keep Manbij Promise? 3 Step Road Map: Assad Stays. Cooperating with Iran & More

Perhaps the US promise to Turkey was an empty one? Made to Turkey while plotting a coup and assuming a successful overthrow? A promise made that the US had no intention of keeping.

He continued by saying that the timing of the operation has nothing to do with KRG President Masoud Barzani or U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Turkey.
Yıldırım also said that it is necessary to protect Syria's territorial integrity and that it would be a disaster if all ethnic groups wanted to establish their own state.
"The situation would be worse than today if every single ethnic group established a state" he said, adding that Turkey is already paying the price of the conflict in Syria by hosting over three million Syrians and that it is necessary for these people to return to a normal life as soon as possible.
 Clearly the operation has nothing to do with ISIS despite the perhaps 'face saving' US spin?


I'll certainly have more to say tomorrow :) 

From today's previous post : Syria Shifts Stance Toward Kurds? No. Only Media Narrative Shifted
" ......Turkey will change course in Syria as he no longer needs Kurds as electoral allies and that even before the Syrian conflict, Turkey and the Syrian government were in agreement over the Kurdish issue"
Even before the Syrian conflict Turkey and the Syrian government were in agreement over the Kurdish issue...

Syria Shifts Stance Toward Kurds? No. Only Media Narrative Shifted

Syria Shifts Stance Toward Kurds

The WSJ wants you to believe.. Syria has shifted it's stance towards the Kurds- It hasn't.
WSJ wants you to know that Syria and Turkey are in alignment on the Kurdish issue and this cannot be tolerated- victim/kurd meme and all.
wsj in red.
"After years of tacitly allowing the creation of an autonomous Kurdish region in northern Syria, President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is treating the ethnic minority’s growing power as a threat"
Did Bashar al Assad's government tacitly allow the creation of a Kurdish region? Not from anything I've ever read!-
"Syria is now describing the Kurds in terms similar to those used by Turkey, which has been a staunch supporter of Syrian rebels fighting against Mr. Assad.

Forces loyal to the regime have been clashing with Kurds in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah for more than a week. The fighting continued on Monday, with Kurds advancing amid failed attempts to broker a cease-fire"
Bear in mind that NATO's ISIS shock troops moved into vast swathes of territory in both Iraq and Syria. Territory, that suspiciously coincided with the NATO/Israel desired Kurdistan.. The US/NATO global terror army then 'fought' ISIS with their besties PKK/YPG who claimed the land as their own- I've discussed this for years now. Tacit approval? I must have missed it? Claims that SAA and Kurds didn't fight one another? False. They sure did. 

Digression---Quotes from Assad regarding the kurds and their annexation. From here and here
 However, he stressed the Kurds “are not allies at this stage, as some suggest."
He then expands on the Kurdish issue at greater length, but, most importantly:
 There are things which would relate to the entire population, to the constitution, and the people should endorse these demands before a decision can be taken by the state. In any case, anything proposed should be in the national framework.
Assad knows what the demands are, yet he states, the entire population/constitution should endorse these demands before a decision can be taken by the state.
Assad again :Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Kurdish demands in Syria can be discussed after uniting to defeat Islamic extremists, promising he is open to any proposal as long as the country’s territorial integrity remains intact. “We should unite in order to fight IS,
Did the Kurds and SAA unite to fight IS? No they did not! The Kurds united with NATO.

Digression over, back to WSJ 
"Syrian airstrikes on Kurdish areas were rare ( "rare" Says WSJ,  no quantification of 'rare' Once a week? 10 times a month? No explantion of "rare"  However, the use of rare informs us that airstrikes have taken place previously!) before last week. But on Thursday, regime warplanes bombed an area of Hasakah near American special operations forces and fighters from the U.S.-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, who have been fighting Islamic State. The airstrikes prompted the U.S. to scramble jets and issue an unusual warning to the regime.
The regime’s shift comes amid a warming of relations between Turkey and Mr. Assad’s allies Russia and Iran. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow this month followed by a visit by Turkey’s foreign minister to Iran"
There is no shift? The media wants you to believe there was a shift. Assad was not on board with the Kurdish terrorism and had in fact bombed the terrorists on previous occasions. 

"Kurdish leaders see the regime’s new aggression toward their forces as a sign of a rapprochement between Syria and Turkey in a conflict with constantly shifting alliances"
This is what you are supposed to believe- this sudden 'shift' is because Syria & Turkey are suddenly on the same page. Syria was never on board with the creation of a Kurdish state annexed out of Syria- so the bombing in Hasakah had nothing to do with Syria/Turkey rapprochement

"A Syrian army statement that followed the Hasakah airstrikes used rhetoric that was similar to Turkey’s. It referred to the police force of the Kurdish autonomous region as “the military wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party”—the separatist group that Turkey has been fighting for more than two decades"
Oh dear, Syria is just like Turkey. Bad, bad, bad!!.... And we all know, 'cause the media and it's liars have informed us Turkey broke the ceasefire with the Kurdish militias- Except they didn't.

Turkey has long accused the main Syrian Kurdish militia, YPG, of being one and the same as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK.
 That's because they are- PKK = YPG
The Syrian army statement said it was determined “to protect the unity of Syria’s lands,” according to state media, an apparent reference to Kurdish aspirations for their own state.

Turkey views any regional Kurdish ambitions as emboldening the PKK, which both Ankara and Washington classify as a terrorist group.
“The regime has evidently come to the understanding that a Kurdish [autonomous zone] will form a threat to the regime,” Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said in an interview this past weekend, referring to the clashes in Hasakah.
President Erdogan has previously called repeatedly for Mr. Assad to step down and said the Syrian leader should be tried for state terrorism at the International Criminal Court. But Turkey has softened its tone lately, with Mr. Yildirim saying on Saturday that his government must accept that Mr. Assad remains a person of influence in Syria and that he might continue to play a role during a transitional stabilization period.
WSJ admits YPG/PKK connections:
"Many senior YPG commanders have in fact trained and fought alongside the PKK for years. But the U.S., which relies on the YPG as the most effective fighting force against Islamic State in Syria, has sought to distinguish between the two militias.

The YPG along with its political arm have used the war against Islamic State to expand the territories in Syria under Kurdish control, including leading battles in predominantly Arab areas to link up two separate Kurdish cantons"
The establishment of an autonomous Kurdish region was only made possible by Syrian regime forces withdrawing earlier in the war from predominantly Kurdish areas and allowing Kurdish political groups and militias to take over government institutions. The withdrawal was strategic, as the Syrian regime was stretched thin fighting rebels and later Islamic State militants on multiple fronts.
In Hasakah Syria maintained control of government institutions and territory- contrary to WSJ claims. Though the  major withdrawal, was unavoidable due to the multi front attack the US/Israel/NATO brought onto Syria
“The regime’s policy previously was to avoid clashes [with Kurds], since the priority was fighting the [rebel] forces supported by Turkey,” said Ahmad Hisso Araj, a Kurdish spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces.
So the Kurdish spokesperson can be expected to tell us the truth? Or the version of events the Kurds want you and I to have in our minds?  Notice the narrative includes the 'bad turkey' meme? We already know Assad stated explicitly no annexed version of Kurdistan. We know that the SAA had bombed the Kurds on previous occasions- We know the SAA had fought against the Kurds on previous occasions. We know the Kurds have an agenda of their own, alongside their buddies in Israel, should we expect them to tell us the unvarnished truth?

UPDATE: Carnegie Middle East 
 "Mansour argued that Turkey has been attacking Kurdish groups in northern Syria, such as the YPG, as it perceives them as a bigger existential threat than the Islamic State. According to Mansour, Turkey's actions in Syria are meant to stop any Kurdish advancements. He also believes that Turkey could reach out to former foes like Russia or the Assad regime to stop the Kurds from gaining territory. Mansour explained that it is doubtful that President Erdogan of Turkey will change course in Syria as he no longer needs Kurds as electoral allies and that even before the Syrian conflict, Turkey and the Syrian government were in agreement over the Kurdish issue"
Even before the Syrian conflict Turkey and the Syrian government were in agreement over the Kurdish issue...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Defacto No Fly Zone Has Indeed Been Created in Syria!

Defacto: being such in effect though not formally recognized: exercising power as if legally constituted......If it walks, and talks like a duck, it’s a duck. And for all intents and purposes a no fly zone has been instituted over Syria as the US and company openly assist the Kurds in their land grabbing, annexation and ethnic cleansing.

Readers here knew this was a possibility- Several posts have been written on this very subject.
When everyone else, msm and alt msm, was going on and on about the 51 diplomats asking for attack and regime change I noticed no one, anywhere, covering the news that a no fly zone over Syria was ready to go!

Friday June 17/2016:  US General: We Are Ready To Create a No-Fly Zone in Syria
*So, we've got the 51 diplomats demanding attack and regime change
*We've got Rojova in  a position to ask for a no fly zone
*We've got multiple military bases including air fields to enforce the no fly zone.
* No need for Turkey (non NATO Turkey)- the US has already made noise about withdrawing from Incirlik & they've been firing from the Mediterranean
 If you haven't read the post previously you may wish to now?

You may also want to read this one: June 29/2016 Syrian/Turkish No Fly Zone- To Help ‘fight’ ISIS? You'll find that one pertinent to some information that will be included below!

Soufan Group- Intel Brief a defacto no fly zone in Syria 

Bottom Line Up Front:
• On August 22, a Pentagon spokesman warned Syrian and Russian air force units to ‘stay away’ from U.S. forces embedded with Kurdish fighters.
August 21/2016 : Pentagon: Top US Commander warns Russia and Syria: We'll defend ourselves
August 20/2016 : Kurdish Terrorists Annex More Territory in Hasaka, Syria? Did the US Enforce a No-Fly Zone to Enable Annexation?

• The warning came in response to an August 19 incident in which U.S. F-22 jets were scrambled to warn off Syrian SU-24 jets near Hasakah.

• A day earlier, Syrian jets bombed Kurdish positions in the area, causing U.S. personnel to relocate.

• The Pentagon’s warning represents a de facto—though very narrow—no-fly zone over ‘partnered operations’ in parts of northern Syria.
"The shift in U.S. posture stems from two recent incidents near Hasakah, where U.S.-supported Kurdish troops are positioned. On August 18, two Syrian SU-24 jets attacked four locations well-known to include U.S. personnel. Though no U.S. personnel were injured, the brazen nature of the attack was surprising. Syrian jets returned to the area the following day, but were chased off by U.S. F-22 Raptors. U.S. statements have now made clear that future incidents will likely result in the shooting down of Syrian aircraft—a noticeable shift"
“Brazen nature of the attack”? Only Soufan group could spin Syrian airforce defence of their own territory and loyalists against further land annexation by US backed thug Kurdish terrorists as a brazen attack. Rather then defence.

With the help of the US  via their annexation & ethnic cleansing agenda the Kurds were able to take Hasakah. In plain talk they've openly annexed Syrian territory- The bogus fight against ISIS was not the smokescreen that obfuscated the reality. Nope. This time it was in your face!

As mentioned yesterday the Kurds had made their move to take more territory: Early Monday AM: Kurdish Terrorist Militias Violate Truce in Hasakah, Syria

hattip Charles

Video via Truthdig... (puke) 

As stated, it's right out in the open now, the Kurds, with the help of the US are and have been annexing territory all along- the media is lying about how this is a new development. It isn't. This is exactly what has been going on all along! There has been fighting a plenty between Syrian Army and the Kurds, I've covered it here previously.  The Kurds have been annexing territory all along with the help of NATO

Also: Kurdish group in near full control of Syria's Hasaka city

 BEIRUT, Aug 23 (Reuters) - Kurdish forces were in near full control of Syria's city of Hasaka on Tuesday after battling pro-government militias, though some government officials remained holed up in buildings in the city centre, a Kurdish official and monitoring group said.
The Pentagon denies a defacto no fly zone- Which tells us all there is a no fly zone!
And obviously there is!
Stars and Stripes

The Pentagon said Monday the United States has not created a de facto no-fly zone in northern Syria despite back-to-back incidents in which jets were scrambled to protect troops on the ground.
 “We will continue to support our coalition forces and our partnered operations on the ground in Syria,” Cook said. “…We’ve been clear … from the start,” the forces that are fighting the Islamic State group “will enjoy the support of the United States.”
Liar- The Kurds haven't been 'fighting' Islamic State- they've been removing the people that live on the land- After the US bombs and kills mass civilians- It's been smoke and mirrors all along. In plain sight for those that had their eyes open to see it all. ISIS shock troops- Kurdish moppers NATO air bombings. Pure terror.

I saw a headline that ISIS has Turkey on it's agenda... this will tie into the expanded no fly zone to be used against Turkey, if all goes according to the NATO terror planners evil plans

Finally, speaking personally, I've only feelings of disgust for those who cheered on the kurdish alphabet militias as the 'best fighters against ISIS', as if NATO wasn't pulling the strings of both parties! Of all parties. ie: rebel factions. It was so very obvious.



Usually I don't go with anonymous sources, unless it fit the general scheme and is a given anyway..

  Speaking to PRI on Monday, a YPG rebel commander who did not wish to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said the Kurdish fighters had specifically requested a no-fly zone to protect them from forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
“The American forces are on the ground, they are following the situation directly,” he said by phone. “We asked our partners to create a no-fly zone. They were very positive about that and accepted this request from our side. Since then there have been no airstrikes on Hasaka.”
“We asked our partners [the US] to create a no-fly zone. They were very positive about that,” a YPG commander said.
On Friday, US jets came within a mile of Syrian planes, highlighting the precariousness of having US forces present amid a complex array of proxies, allies and enemies in Syria.

I can just imagine how positive the US allies were about this request... Exactly what they wanted!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Israeli Airstrikes Target Syria After "Errant" Fire

Aug 22 Israeli aircraft attacked a target in Syria on Monday after errant fire from fighting among factions in Syria struck inside Israel, Israel's military said.

The Syrian fire had hit an open area near the border in the Golan Heights, causing no injuries, and in retaliation the air force targeted a "Syrian army launcher", the military said.
Near the border of Golan Heights is NOT  Israeli territory- It's all Syrian territory

The Israeli military has responded similarly in the past when mortar fire has landed in the Golan, territory Israel captured in a 1967 Middle East war, during battles in the Syrian conflict.
From Earlier:

John Kerry No Show In Turkey? Will Biden Make The Trip? August 24th?

Early Monday AM: Kurdish Terrorist Militias Violate Truce in Hasakah, Syria

Pentagon: Top US Commander warns Russia and Syria: We'll defend ourselves

John Kerry No Show In Turkey? Will Biden Make The Trip? August 24th?

Can't find any news regarding John Kerry actually making it to Turkey?
John Kerry to Turkey August 21? Turkish Parliament Approves Deal with Israel
Speaks volumes about parties behind the coup.. If anyone else did catch news of Kerry's visit, please let me know?

 Joe Biden is supposed to visit? According to CNN's latest reporting" Joe Biden to visit Turkey: Exiled cleric will be 'top of agenda'

 When US Vice President Joe Biden visits Turkey on August 24, he'll no doubt have plenty to discuss with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Biden is an interesting choice for a visit to Turkey, because last time he showed up in Turkey he was very hostile and provocative. Kerry doesn't visit, at all, after the coup attempt and hostile Joe Biden is going?  Let's take a trip down memory lane and recall Biden's last visit to Turkey: January 23/2016

 ***Biden shows "loyalty" to NATO ally Turkey- If your idea of loyalty is back stabbing duplicity!  As I've informed my readers here, for well over a year now, Turkey is being targeted by it's NATO "friends"  inc. the PKK.  There are numerous posts on that subject here!
"Biden went on to meet with President Tayyip Erdogan, but an expected joint statement was not issued.
  Biden: "He criticized the Turkish state for intimidating media, curtailing Internet freedom and accusing academics of treason" (Biden has chutzpah considering the state of the US media, internet and freedom in general)
Biden: "Last week, he denounced as "dark, nefarious and brutal" security forces briefly detaining 27 academics of more than 1,000 signatories of a declaration that criticized Turkish military action in the southeast"
"More recently, reforms have faltered and Erdogan has adopted a more authoritarian style of rule" (I've read those same memes "authoritarian/dictator/Hitler wrt Assad, Hussein, Gaddafi, etc)
"In an apparent rebuke, Erdogan told Biden on Saturday that he expected sensitivity from Turkey's allies and that they should avoid statements which may equate to support for those trying to hamper Turkish efforts to fight terror, presidential sources said"
Since Biden is sending a message of support to NATO's PKK terrorists he made no effort to avoid these multiple and very provocative statements! He wants his terror crew to know, the US has your back!
 I'll wager the visit will be both insightful and inciting 

From earlier today-

Early Monday AM: Kurdish Terrorist Militias Violate Truce in Hasakah, Syria

Early Monday AM: Kurdish Terrorist Militias Violate Truce in Hasakah, Syria

Not a surprise.
hattip to  Charles FasolaAugust 21, 2016 at 6:59 PM

Just received an alert on the Hasaka situation. US/Israel supported kurds launched a large scale attack.....
Confirmed all over the place- Attack appears to have taken place just after midnight- Syrian Time
Early evening eastern standard time

DAMASCUS, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- Syria's state news agency said that Kurdish forces violated a recently reached truce in the northeastern city of Hasakah, attacking several government positions early Monday.

Newsweek:---Kurdish militiamen have launched an operation to capture the last districts under the control of the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the northeastern city of Hasaka, they said Monday.
YPG forces began an assault on the city’s southeastern district of Nashwa, near to the governor’s office that is located close to the city center, after midnight Monday.
The Assad regime has accused the YPG of “provocations,” claiming that its security force, known as the Asayish, has bombed regime positions in the city and set fire to government-held buildings.
 The operation to take control of Hasaka comes after Kurdish and Arab forces liberated the northeastern city of Manbij
The operation to take control of Hasaka is not happenstance, it is in fact a planned operation..
Truce in Hasakeh? Kurds deny a deal was reached

It was reported that an agreement had been negotiated with the help of Russia- SAA confirms the agreement.  Kurds Deny- Which tells me the Kurdish militias have no intention of keeping the peace...

Syria's military said on Sunday a truce deal had been reached with the Kurds in the flashpoint city of Hasakeh, but a Kurdish source denied the report and said a deal has yet to be finalized.

In a bid to calm tensions, a delegation of Russian officials from the coastal Hmeimim military airport arrived in the nearby city of Qamishli on Saturday for talks with the two sides.

A Syrian military source told AFP the deal was struck between regime forces and Kurdish fighters after two days of mediation by regime ally Russia.

The three-point agreement calls for a "halt to all hostilities and the return to regime forces of any positions seized by Kurdish fighters" since Wednesday, the Syrian military source said.

More on the truce here:
A truce has been reached between Syrian forces and Kurdish fighters in the volatile northeastern province of Hasakah under a Russian mediation, pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV reported on Sunday.

The report said the regime of calm includes a cessation of battles, evacuation of wounded people, return to the previous lines of both parties, and the start of negotiations.

The ceasefire starts as of 5 p.m. on Sunday coupled with transporting the wounded to hospitals in the city of Qamishli in Hasaka.
The Kurds promptly breached the ceasefire just over 7 hours later..
The military positions should return to their previous state, as the negotiations are set to start on Monday at the Qamishli airport between representatives of the Syrian and Kurdish sides as well as Iranian and Russian mediators.

The Kurdish YPG militia launched a major assault on Monday, August 22 to seize the last government-controlled parts of the northeastern Syrian city of Hasaka after calling on pro-government militias to surrender, Kurdish forces and residents said, according to Reuters.

They said Kurdish forces began the offensive after midnight to take the southeastern district of Nashwa, close to where a security compound is located near the governor's office close to the heart of the city.

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  • Pentagon: Top US Commander warns Russia and Syria: We'll defend ourselves

  • Kurdish Terrorists Annex More Territory in Hasaka, Syria? Did the US Enforce a No-Fly Zone to Enable Annexation?



    Syrian regime jets pounded US-backed Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria for a second day on Friday, even after the US-led coalition scrambled jets to protect its military advisers working on the ground.
    In another escalation of Syria’s conflict, warplanes from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime were bombarding the city of Hasakeh — targeting Kurdish forces that for months have worked closely with coalition military advisers helping local fighters combat the Islamic State group.
    On Thursday, the US sent fighter jets to head off airstrikes conducted by regime planes and to protect coalition advisers, but the Syrian planes had left by the time they arrived.
    It was apparently the first time the coalition had scrambled jets in response to a regime action and possibly the closest call yet in terms of Syrian forces coming close to killing US or coalition advisers.
    “This was done as a measure to protect coalition forces,” Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said. “We will ensure their safety and the Syrian regime would be well advised not to do things that place them at risk... We view instances that place the coalition at risk with the utmost seriousness and we do have the inherent right of self-defense.”

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pentagon: Top US Commander warns Russia and Syria: We'll defend ourselves

Following up on:  Kurdish Terrorists Annex More Territory in Hasaka, Syria? Did the US Enforce a No-Fly Zone to Enable Annexation?

In the most direct public warning to Moscow and Damascus to date, the new US commander of American troops in Iraq and Syria is vowing to defend US special operations forces in northern Syria if regime warplanes and artillery again attack in areas where troops are located.

"We've informed the Russians where we're at ... (they) tell us they've informed the Syrians, and I'd just say that we will defend ourselves if we feel threatened," Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend told CNN in a telephone interview Saturday from his Baghdad headquarters.
Townsend is the first senior military commander to speak on the record about the US possibly challenging the Syrian Air Force in the wake of an incident just days ago.
Townsend, who took command this week, made the remarks following what defense officials described as an "unusual" incident Thursday in northern Syria in which the regime of President Bashar al-Assad used warplanes to attack an area near where US special operations forces were operating in support of Kurdish forces, which are the Americans' key ally in the conflict.
Several US troops had to be quickly moved, and US jet patrols over northern Syria have been beefed up.

Since the US has ZERO business in Syria.... SAA airforce flying over their own territory can hardly be considered an attack ,requiring the US to defend itself- This is Orwellian talk.

All readers here are aware, or should be, that I don't buy the fight against ISIS narrative whatsoever! What is actually occurring is the remake the middle east agenda. Sykes Picot 2  including a Kurdistan or Israel 2.0. 


It was mentioned here  that General Townsend  would take over the reins from MacFarland in advance of a move on Mosul..

 "By that time, MacFarland’s replacement, Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, is expected to be in command in Baghdad"